Stichting Samay


In 2018 we will implement the project Tierra Viva, which largely has the same content as the projectdescribtion underneath.

Vida Verde takes place in 2017.

The project has a duration of 1 year and consists of two main parts:

1 Agroforestry / tree plantation / water reservoirs;

2 Education / workshops and school greenhouses.

Ad 1. Agroforestry / tree planting / water reservoirs:

Agroforestry involves the mixed planting of fruit trees, broadleaf trees and vegetables. We do this with 100 farmers in the Andes to improve their income position. With a correct execution, their wages thus become 3 to 4 times as high. The secondary conditions are also important, such as improving soil quality and setting up water reservoirs. We make water reservoirs to ensure that there is also water supply for the fruit trees in the dry season. In this way, the vegetables can also be harvested 2 or 3 times a year (instead of once).
Another important advantage of agroforestry is that the soil quality improves.

Furthermore, we also plant trees as a measure against erosion, with communities, at schools with the kids, with farmers or as windbreaks.

Ad 2. Education / workshops and school greenhouses:

With teachers and pupils, we work on the transfer of knowledge through a specific set of teachings, guest education and working visits. We train more than 40 teachers at different schools - in the city and in the isolated villages.
With this set of teachings, that reaches approximately 1200 pupils, environmental themes such as: climate, living environment, tree planting and soil improvement, are implemented. In addition, there is a practical application such as the recycling of plastic waste, the planting of trees or the maintenance of greenhouses. We also build 6 school greenhouses, in which we grow vegetables for the school lunch.

For the representatives of the villages, we give workshops about the agroforestry, tree planting, irrigation and soil improvement themes.

Actual projects