Stichting Samay


Social projects: (2002-2010)

- Venjamin Library: a library in Cochabamba connected to the Venjamin school

- El Pagador Library: a district library in a poor neighborhood of Cochabamba. This library functions as housework class and course center as well

- Childcare: daycare in the village of Tumupasha (close to Rurrenabaque) in the Bolivian Amazon. This is the area were the Tacana indians are living

- Refuge for woman: in La Paz

- ’Saved Tools’: a container of secondhand tools send from Holland to start practical education on 8 schools in Cochabamba

- Other projects: computer education on schools and more


Environmental / poverty projects (2010-2017):

- Solar Bolivia: our first environmental / poverty project focusing mostly on solar energy

- Sunivia; the follow-up project with the emphasis on solar energy

- Frutas del Sol: an environmental and poverty project, focusing on tree planting

- Solar Orchard: an environmental and poverty project focusing on tree planting

Realised projects