Stichting Samay


Climate change

In 2015 and 2016 there was a big drought in (the Andean part of) Bolivia. This was partly caused by the weather phenomenon El Nino and partly due to climate change. Climate change in Bolivia has caused, among other things, that the rainy season has decreased by one and a half months. The glacier on the former ski-resort on the mountain Chacaltaya has been melted completely.

Because of the rain-patterns the farmers have come into big problems.

Water reservoirs

The Samay Foundation helps farmers to switch to agroforestry systems, with mostly apple trees, mixed with deciduous trees and vegetables / corn.

However, essential for this is, that water is available all year round for irrigation. Therefore we make water reservoirs, together with our local partners. These reservoirs are round, concrete storage tanks that can hold between 5,000 and 200,000 liters of water. This is sufficient to help 1 to 20 families.)

We make the water reservoirs relatively cheap. The costs are mainly iron, concrete and transport (petrol). For the rest, local materials are used. All the work is done by the farmers themselves under the guidance of an expert. The farmers pay a percentage and sometimes the local council also pays a percentage of the costs.

In the season of 2016/2017 we have made 31 larger and smaller water reservoirs.

We specifically thank the following funds for this: Share4More, 75 years NBB, Wilde Ganzen and the ASN Foundation.