Foundation Samay


Foundation Samay is mainly working in Bolivia and it’s objective is to fight poverty and to improve the environmental conditions.

Environmental projects:

We are working with reforestation, agroforestry, solar panels and solar lamps. We started this project in 2011.


We work in the higher parts of Bolivia with reforestation. It main functions are against erosion and climate change.  A typical place could for example be on riversides. In Bolivia the small trees need protection against being eaten by animals and therefore we have to buy barbed wire. The planting takes place in the beginning of the rain season in December. We mostly work together with the local governments. This project has been implied in Misque, Sacaca,Toro Toro and Tapacari and other areas. Otherwise we are working with agroforestry; the combination of fruittrees and vegetables.

Solar energy

Together or apart from the tree planting we provide families, schools and health centers with solar energy. This mostly means solar lamps. The families pay a percentage of the real costs (often 55 til 70%). We replace the kerosene-lamps, which are bad for their longs and produce greenhouse gasses. This project has been implied in north-Potosi (Sacaca), north La Paz, Sacaca and the Tipnis (in exchange for cacao).

Social projects realized:

In the poorer south-zone of Cochabamba we started with different partners 2 libraries. They also have a function as ‘housework class’ and course center.

In Tumupaha close to Rurrenabaque we constructed a daycare center for children. This is in the area were the Tacana Indians are living.

In La Paz we are constructing a center for mistreated woman. The construction started in the year 2011 and will be realized in 2012.


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Foundation Samay